29 December 2017

The list - it's a wrap 2017

Best museum - Yayoi Kusama in Tokyo. So darn hard to choose, I have visited so many both old and new museums this year but if I have to choose this must be the one. Beautiful building in a random area which made it even more special, amazing space with precious art by a fascinating lady. 

Best concert - Roskilde. Got a one day ticket from my darling man - best music experience ever. One day pure happiness. So much fun. Sigrid, Princess Nokia, Future Islands, Solange and kings of glitter tights: Erasure, beers, friends and dancing shoes. Best combination ever. 

Another magical concert was Coco in the Brorsons Church. She is goosebumps guaranteed - a perfect beginning of fall.  

Best Breakfast - We hosted a brunch for a bunch of dear friends from Hamburg and their friends who we didn't know at all but whose company we enjoyed so much a windy weekend in April. The ice was broken when they brought us a glass of homemade rhubarb jam and told us about their one avocado a month policy. We continued out on bikes, ate hotdogs. did sightseeing and drank nice coffee and bragged about Copenheaven. Niceness overload. 

Did I swim in the sea - yes. but only once or maybe twice. Worst summer in the universe. Enough said, next question please ...

What did I read - Maria Gerhardt: transfervindu, so beautiful, so sad. Many more book in planning but haven't been relaxed enough to read that much this year. Will try to catch up in 2018. Like the book below. Seems like I only read while I eat. 

Best Burger - Haven't been that into burgers this year but RAMEN! Best place is for sure Slurp Ramen - best concept, sweetest staff and BEST RAMEN, at least in Copenhagen. Haven't been there for ages. Need to go again, soon. 

Well that was Copenhagen - revisited an old favourite it TOKYO // Ginza. It's a whole different level. But I'll keep that one to myself. 

Best ice cream place - something frozen here in Copenhagen. Makes the most amazing soft ice ever. With toppings and sprinkle so Instagram friendly you want to scream. LOVE it. Especially their ice cream cakes. 

Best Coffee - This will be a long one ... There are so many - where to start?
My top favourites in Copenhagen right now is: the corner 108, prolog and coffee collective at Godhåbsvej. But will try out the new Juno the bakery and hopefully some more newbies in the new year. No so much development going on around here ... Top favourites in Tokyo: Switch Coffee, About Life Coffee Brewers and Onibus and even though it is silly Fuglen - it has such a distinct atmosphere crazy lovely hang out spot. And the concept around the blue bottle spots amazes me. Top favourites in Seoul: Felt, anthracite and . I have to mention Fritz Coffee because of the mind blowing attention to detail and merchandize and croissant. Crazy good bread, amazing space and pretty decent coffee. 

Best buy - Whyred beton shoes on sale. Had been wanting them for years and then suddenly there they were, the last pair happened to be my size and a great price. 

And this carpet for our living room, had been looking for what felt like a lifetime. And boom - there it was. On sale as well and free delivery. Looks amazing and still love it. 

Where did you travel too - I visited Josefine in Wesel, Anika in Malmø, Mimi in Vallåsen, Anja in Århus, my family in Munich, factories in Shanghai, beautiful stores in Hong Kong, went to the summerhouse with dear friends, inspiration trip to Paris and London, Austria with my mum and sister - the most relaxing days in my life, saw my grandparents in the middle of nowhere, celebrated my birthday in Berlin and went to Tokyo and Seoul with my best partner in crime !!! Great travel year. 

Best Dance - last years new years. We have this tradition, that we don't do traditions or we try not to plan anything for new years. Hang out with each other and drink champagne and have nice food. We do it our way and last year we had such a lovely evening ending with loud Motown funk and dancing around drunk and happy in our living room. 

Best Drink - let's do most bizarre drink. We went to this speakeasy bar in Berlin on my birthday - got a drink that was so strong I got completely mind fucked within minutes - swept me of my feet. 

How did you spend your birthday - se above. No just kidding, there was so much more. We have a great tradition where my man surprises me with a trip to Berlin for my birthday. I love it ! We started of a Brammibal donuts, went for a stroll at the Maybachufer market, biked to Hallesches Haus and had coffee with a sweet friend, had coffee at bonanza, bought a t-shirt at Voo Store and went for dinner at Nihombashi Sushi. PERFECT day - loved every bit of it !  

Best TV series - SKAM !!! Oh my gosh, the hype was unreal. I loved watching it - in small bits and pieces. I followed the blog, a little glimpse every day, loved the daily updates and felt beamed back to my own youth.
The Crown was another gem for a royalist as myself - so beautifully made and last but not least INSECURE - great soundtrack, beyond this world outfits and the language. Really, really good.

Best workshops - The Copenhagen Fashion Summit and Space 10. Both focused on sustainable design and circular economy - the future ! Learned so much and felt so inspired to change the world and take responsibility. 

Best theater - we saw the ballet: silk and knives at the royal theater here in Copenhagen which was beautiful. But way back in the beginning of this year I went to brunch and ballet at the royal theater. It's for free and you buy coffee and croissants at the cafe and just sit down and watch the ensemble practice. I remember I went there by myself and got lost in the darkness and beauty of the dancers for a little while. Really magical. 

In a few days we will celebrate new years. Our way - if it is just half as good as last year it will be a great success. 
A grande finale of 2017. A good year, I am sure 2018 will get even better. 

My aims for 2018 
maybe in a different order ... 
Have a great new year people - hope to see some of you in 2018. Let's dance some more !!!