31 October 2017

Du må ikke være så snill jente.

Sometimes I am asked what language I prefer to speak, mostly I have a hard time answering that because it's hard to pick a favourite. 

On days like today I miss Norwegian, so I listen to podcasts, read articles out loud and look forward to going to work tomorrow because almost certainly I will have a Norwegian customer or two. I always read, some months more than others. And I read books and magazines, blogs and news and articles in all the different languages I speak to make sure I don't forget any of them. 

I love reading out loud. I always have. You give the words meaning when you read them out loud and they manifest themselves differently. You feel the weight of the words in a different way that when you just rush through them inside your head. 

Languages are alive and you have to practice them, use them, develop them. When I have customers at work who have lived for decades abroad but still speak their original language without the slightest hint of an accent I am in awe. 

I am good - really good at languages but for the trained ear there is always a hint of Norwegian and sometimes German when I speak.

In less than two weeks we will fly to Japan and South Korea - we will wander the streets, listen to languages we are not used to hearing, get lost, look for places we haven't been before and maybe revisit a place or three I remember from last time. Diving into a different culture - with bows and cultural differences, new smells and sounds is the greatest gift of traveling.

I Can't wait. My expectations are immensely high and the lists are getting longer each day - but we have promised ourselves to relax as well. 

I stumbled upon this quote today. 
The quote is by: Gro Dahle. A Norwegian author and poet. I won't translate it - use google if you feel like it. 

Du må ikke være så snill jente. Du må gå dit det brenner. Du må bryte mer stein. Du må være der du er til det går over av seg selv. Du må kaste alt du har, og begynne på nytt.

found this GREAT illustration on pinterest - unfortunately without a link to who made it. Please let me know if you have an idea and I will relink it.