19 April 2014

Terrasse Dreams and other happy thoughts

Terrasse Dreams and other happy thoughts is the headline of this little moodboard.

We are spending the Easter holidays off in the country side at my man's family - simply lying on the couch, watching telly, reading books & blogs and just being. I am dead tired - but in a calm way pretty happy at the same time.

I need to relax, drink amazing liquorice tea, eat strawberry cake and sip to some wine. We thoughts wander off to the terrasse we will want to make more cosy - we have a terrasse for the first time and there is room for a table and some chairs - it's not huge but more than enough for us. And the other day our parents in law got us a barbeque. So I am looking at flowers and pillows and dreaming of a table and a few chairs and a bunch of friends hanging out on a warm summer night !

18 April 2014

AURA // Bolia

Aura is moving in - just a few more weeks to go ...
We can't wait - now all we need is a little table in a bright colour to go with her !

Talk about being a grown up - hello Sofa ... 

Camilla Pihl // Kaffefuglen // Tokyo

A blog I have been following for many years now is Camilla Pihl. She is a beautiful Norwegian, mostly the blog is a bit too perfect and "rosey" for my taste - but every now and then I check it out and today I was glad i did. Because I found this little treat - Do yourself a favor and check out her blog here.

One of my favourite coffee places in Oslo is Kaffefuglen - in Universitetsgata. I knew they had a smaller sister in Tokyo and this is for sure a must go if I ever get the chance to go to Tokyo !!! Camilla is there at the moment and her photos are always stunning - just take a look. This place in Oslo is a long and narrow space with beautiful 50 and 60'ies furniture and lamps - I even think you can buy all the interiour or something. This place is great for coffee and while you sit and indulge and just enjoy the great people watching it often ends up being pretty late and people start popping by for drinks - it's a bar at nighttime - The cocktails are pretty darn good as well.

Just look - so nice !


14 April 2014

Happy Monday // An & Ria's #First flight - the full film

Seeing this amazing clip made by Vodafone as a commercial completely made my day. I spoke with my grandfather today - 5 min tops - he never wants to talk that long because hie hearing isn't that good anymore and he is always worried it will get to expensive for me. But those 5 min still reminds me how much he matters to me. Old people are amazing - and I loved this clip. 

Hope it makes your day as well - and remember call your grand parents and tell them you care about them !

13 April 2014

Erste Liebe Bar // Hamburg

Exploring Hamburg is nice when the weather is turning warmer - even though we were knocked out by this week we still managed to see some good people and places this weekend.

We went on a spontaneous bike ride with a good Hamburg Local - all the way to Wilhelmsburg which felt a little like Kreuzberg, had some really good Turkish food and enjoyed seeing some authentic Hamburg. The best part was for real the great view on our way back over the harbor and driving our bikes through the old "Elbe Tunnel" which is a under water tunnel - over 100 years old - with elevators for the cars - so stunning architecture  ! Check it out if you are in Hamburg.

We started the Saturday - checking out a nice bar / cafe called: Erste Liebe. If you are a coffee snob like us then skip the coffee and enjoy some homemade lemonade instead. It's really nice, good magazines and great cakes. Definitely going here again.

Alexander Wang // H&M // Colaboration 2014

Just as you though you were getting tired of the design colabs of the 2000's - those swedes got you once again ...
The fascination of the big commercial brands collaborating with hot shot high end designers has been over for some time at least in my head but this just made me shiver for real - and I can't wait - I might even apply for a day off so I can get in line with all those other crazy ladies and gents - this is going to be wild !!!