17 November 2014

Solange Knowles // Wedding Dress

This took my breath away ! It has such an amazing 70' ies vibe to it. That beautiful egg shell - broken white colours in all the different textures combined with that beautiful afro hair and dull red lips.

I found the images on vogue.com and I love them all. I especially love the jump suit and Solange and Alan Ferguson looks great the both of them.


16 November 2014

Girls Just Wanna Have Fun

This is what my sunday looked like -

It was so nice and it fulfilled my longing for old school 80'ies dance moves, permed hair, Sarah Jessica Parker fascination and candy colours.

I even found the complete movie: Girls Just Wanna Have Fun - from 1985 the year I was born on you tube. 

12 November 2014

Books I feel like reading right now !!!

One of the books I really want to get my hands on and read right now is - 

How to be Parisian by Caroline de Maigret. 


11 November 2014

Jenna Lyons // J. Crew President and Creative Director

A fascinating women in fashion is for sure Jenna Lyons.
J. Crew's President and Creative Director - she looks amazing and has such a great style.
I love the J. Crew Universe and the humble coolness is oozes of.
And it is very clear for me that this powerful women has a strong mind and you can feel her present in each single detail when you visit their stores.
And of course she can put on lipstick without a mirror.

10 November 2014

Happy Monday

This weekend has been so darn nice !
Having had Thursday and Friday off where I got so much stuff done that had been hanging on my shoulders for quite some time - it such was a huge relief.

The complete weekend was all about hanging out with nice people - eating good food and just doing things we felt like doing.

The level was set already on the Thursday where I waited in line here in Hamburg outside H&M so get my hand on the Wang & H&M Collection. With a friend we had coffee and happened to be so lucky that we could just walk in around 10:00 O'clock and check out almost the complete women collection - I ended up being silly and buy the leather bag. That feeling - when biking around in Hamburg afterwords doing some pre - pre Christmas Shopping with that new friend of mine - the Wang bag was such a rush of happy adrenaline.Weird how "things" can make a girl so happy.

This guy even stopped me and said I had such a great smile - and sex appeal.
Well bring on those compliments stranger !

I will not bore you more with the details of my great organized self having bough almost all my Christmas presents without the calender even hit December yet but the hardest one is yet to come - my man.

Hope you have a great Monday. 
Here are a few fashionable people I kind of like ...

09 November 2014

All Good In The Hood // Moin // Finders Keepers

My man Thomas and our sweet friend Kristoffer - has been working on some dead nice things here the past few weeks.
If you are somewhere near Copenhagen this weekend - take a trip to Finders Keepers - read more here. 

My man has called the project - All Good In The Hood and he will be selling T-Shirts // Scarfs & limited Illustrations printed on some very sweet paper.
Another friend is selling some very nice pretty lamps - Check it out as well he is called Moin ! 
Bring Cash - Cash is king !!!
Come by and say hello to the nice guys