24 October 2014

Oscar De La Renta // interview

Oscar De La Renta passed away his week.
He had worked at Lanvin, Elizabeth Arden and of course under his own name - being the dress maker in New York and simply referred to as Oscar by my former fashion illustration professor at FIT - Karen. He was an icon of the New York fashion scene.

I found this amazing interview from Interview Magazine - by Jeanette Longoria from their June 1977 issue.Read the entire interview here. Below are my favourite passages.

LONGORIA: Were you inspired by all of the colorful things where you grew up, in Santo Domingo?

DE LA RENTA: I suppose that that's part of my background. I come from a very warm island, where colors are very important, very vibrant, and obviously the color has been an influence on my work.

LONGORIA: Tell me, I know you've been off Garment Avenue for a long time, but I've read that you were called the Grandfather of Fashion before you were 40. What exactly does that mean?

DE LA RENTA: I don't know. I would like better to be known as the Godfather of Fashion, with all the implications that that word has.

LONGORIA: It seems a little premature to call you a grandfather.

DE LA RENTA: Well, the boys in the islands are very precocious, you know, so...

LONGORIA: What would you say is the most fun about being a designer? Meeting wonderful women like me?

DE LA RENTA: I think the most fun, the most excitement, is when you are three days from showing a collection.

LONGORIA: I think people would be interested in hearing about your home in Santo Domingo. I've seen photographs in magazines, although I've never been there.

DE LA RENTA: That place is actually called La Romana. Everyone says Santo Domingo, but that is actually the name of the city —the country is the Dominican Republic, and the place where I am is La Romana. It's a resort that is very beautiful, very unspoiled, very few people, and the house is very nice.

LONGORIA: I've heard that you've done a lot for an orphanage...

DE LA RENTA: That's probably why I'm called The Grandfather. I have an orphanage in the Dominican Republic with 354 children. We started from scratch, really, and now it's marvelously well organized. When asked to describe what it is, I always say "It's a very poor version of Boy's Town of Omaha" ... what was his name, Father Flanagan, who founded that? It's self-supporting now, almost. I raised the money to build the dormitories abd the schools, but it's in the countryside and they raise their own chickens, and eggs, and vegetables.

LONGORIA: That's wonderful. I'd love to see it

DE LA RENTA: You will have to come, so you can see the un-frivolous side of me.

05 October 2014

Sunday List // Happy Hamburg Moments

Sunday List

Every now and then you need to remind yourself that the place you are in your life is pretty good. 
It has taken some time to get under the skin of Hamburg - but we are getting there. 

Say hello to my little Sunday List devoted to Happy Hamburg Moments + a little eye candy on a Sunday. Being a wee bit addicted to Liza Minnelli at the moment. No comment needed.

Best Burger?
Gorilla Grill in Eppendorf. It is too die for. It has been a favourite for some time - My man took me many, many months ago and we had such a good time - and since then we have been quite a few times. Extremely well grilled meat - perfect bun - and the masculine interiours kicks ass to top it all off nicely. 
Gorilla Grill Link here
Another really good one - is Otto's Burger. They have two spots in Hamburg and they are booth quite new. We tried the one in Lange Reihe on our Anniversary and it was horrible. Like literally the worst burger ever. I am picky for sure - but we were both so upset and disappointed because the place had great staff, the prettiest sign and nice fries. So much potential. But the actual burger was so dull and the meat was poorly cooked. But today we tried their new place and it kicked ass ! So we must have caught them on a bad day the first time.
Otto's Burger Link here

Best Breakfast Spot?
Cafe Johanna - they have it all. The only thing missing is a decent coffee. It is a really great place. Simple and Tasty food, nice German bread, very tasty eggs - amazing German cakes all located in a really nice area. Not open on Sundays - don't ask. This happens regularly in this part of the world.
Cafe Johanna Link here
Favourite Regular Spot? 
Via Vai Pizza Al Taglio in Altona - cold Peroni Beers and great pizza with so much cheese. It is just around the corner from where we live and we always end up there and I love it! 
We spent our first night after we moved into our Hamburg home in this place and it just has a really soft spot in my heart. We always take our friends here as well - so it's filled with happy memories.
Via Vai Link here

Best Coffee?
This has been a tough one. But we have been here a year and things are starting to happen but it is still ligh years behind Scandinavia and other European Metropolitan Cities.  
Stockholm Espresso Club is a little - sweet spot where they have so much attention for detail. 
Serving Coffee made by Koppi beans is a pretty good base. 
Stockholm Espresso Club Link here

 The new spot we discovered today was a nice catch too - we will for sure come by again. 
A really nice little place with very good coffee. They roast their own beans and just thrilled us with all their passion for coffee. Playground Coffee. 
 Playground Coffee Link here and here

Best Tourist Show Off? 
 Old Elb Tunnel - and when the weather is good I love to have a beer and enjoy the view at the tourist spot on the other side of the Elbe.  The harbor in Hamburg is breathtaking and when enjoying the look of it you feel so small. It is fascinating and sad and intimidating all at the same time.

Best Place to get a hangover?
The past few weekends have been really heavy. We have had some good friends over and you want to give them a good time in Hamburg so we have been out a lot. 
Reeperbahn is so much fun if you are there with the right people. 
And down at the Fishmarked - Golem is such a great Bar // Club. 
Golem Link here 

Best Sandwich? 
Luncheonette - also in Altona. Open late and even on Sundays. Mostly packed, sweet, sweet staff! They serve a real nice American grilled sandwich and the gin tonics are good !
And to make my heart tingle a little more - the guys behind this little shop are starting to serve brunch as well in the weekends and I will for sure try their Huevos Rancheros!
Luncheonette Link here


12 September 2014

Karl through times

Karl is always up for a good laugh - I am sure.
Really love these images of him.

Dazed Digital link here - where you can find them all and even a few more. 

11 September 2014

Alexander Wang // H&M // November 6th

This is too wild - I love every bit of this. Alexander Wang is going to kick ass - and I am sure that people will go ballistic on this one. I know I will - or wait I am already ...
I want it all !  Start getting in line people - Alexander Wang co-lab H&M out on November 6th

10 September 2014

& Other Stories // photo bomb // Sara Hildén Bengtsson // freundevonfreunden

This is a simple photo bomb of beauty - I am basically reposting another blog post - just because I couldn't leave it.

My days are soooo long at the moment - I should be sleeping now - because tomorrow will get even more hardcore. But seeing these photos simply made me so happy - we all love & Other Stories - and I guess after seeing these beautiful images and reading the interview with Sara Hilden Bengtsson the Creative Director of the & Other Stories Atelier in Stockholm I think I might love the entire concept even a little bit more.

Sleep tight !

Link to the worlds best "take a sneak peak into people's home and workspaces" blog aka freundevonfreunden here

03 September 2014

Tavi Gevinson: The Like, Role Model, or Whatever

We all love Tavi - if u don't u should !
These photos from Bullett are amazing - I love these outfits.

The way people imitate feeling high or drunk or sexy, and how teenagers fall into that because we’re just grasping for how to act in those new situations. It doesn’t do any good for anyone—it’s just a lot of people pretending to be having a good time and not getting what they really want.

If you want to read the entire interview with Tavi - check out this link.