12 August 2014

Yuca Taco Truck // KBH

Ever since we lived in NYC we have been hunting down new taco places.
In Berlin we found a really nice taco truck and every now and then we have a taco which at least reminds us a little of the amazing ones we used to eat in NYC.

There is a new kid in town - or at least in Copenhagen.
It's called the Yuca Taco Truck - check them out on Facebook for more info.

The consept and the truck is great. The Taco Man inside the truck was really nice as well. For my taste the taco's were to meaty and oily. And why don't anyone put cilantro, white cabbage, raddish and lime in theit taco's on this side of the world? Don't get it ...

But I will come back - these things must be supported - so cool that someone has the courage to do so in Copenhagen.

Atelier September // KBH

Discovered such a nice little place in the heart of Copenhagen when I visited during Fashion Week.

A cafe / interiour shop called Atelier September in Gothersgade. I had their homemade lemonade, avocado on rye bread and buffalo mozarella with tomatoe.
Very nice - can't wait to bring my man here next time we are home. So much fun to explore all the new places popping up everywhere in K-town.

Check it out here. 

It's my birthday - soon ...

It's my birthday pretty soon and look at these pretty things ...

Links as below:
Nike - Roshe Run Woven 2.0 Rezet
Gessi skirt - Samsøe Samsøe 
Big Clutch Interlaced - The Last Conspiracy 
Bomba Jacket - Mads Nørgaard 
Sheer Panel Socks - Cos
Siirtolapuutarha Teepot - Marimekko 
Siirtolapuutarha Bowl - Marimekko
Tri Purse Silver - Wood Wood
Fashion Insiders Guide to Paris - Voo Store 
Leo T-shirt - Topshop

11 August 2014

Pitti Oumo // June 2014

Have I mentioned that I love traveling ? - and that my job makes that possible.
At least to a somewhat extent.

A big part of my job is traveling to fairs checking out what is going on in the wicked world of fashion - what tendencies are we following, which colours will be relevant, what print themes are out there - what to wear and how to wear it next season.

 I went to Pitti Oumo in Florence for the first time this year.  I am working with womens-wear so I always though of this fair not being quite so relevant for me - but of all the fairs I have been this must have been the most fun one - to "people watch".

Amazingly many pretty,  handsome and fashionable men and women.
I was writing a report for work this weekend - so much for doing absolutely nothing ... 
But I cam across these great photos of people from the fair.

All photos borrowed from Pitti Oumo's official website

10 August 2014

Rediscovering Green Kitchen Stories.

I am a foodie - love going out for food - love eating - love reading about food - love exploring new places - love coffee - love german wine - love discussing about food - love cooking and love - love - love eating !

This blog green kitchen stories was a big favourite of mine and then what so often happens I forgot all about it. Then Friday night while I was trying to fully understand that I had promised my man that we were doing nothing - nothing at all this weekend - no plans - no - nothing I started to browse the internet for some new recipes. What is better when doing nothing than to cook ?! 

These two were what I decided on - and honestly this blog is fab. It is simple and so tasty ! And mostly even a little bit healthy. The Photographs alone let your mouth water so the motivation is already completed before even getting started.

The photos -  I borrowed from this brilliant blog and please do try them both - both the cake and teh salad were yummy !

Link for recipe.

Link for recipe.

09 August 2014

Pretty Pink Bomber Jackets

Honestly such pretty things you can find when browsing the sales area of asos. 
I am having a complete "off weekend" this week. I need it so badly - I have been sitting with my computer for a few hours just doing nothing drinking coffee and listening to the radio. Being off with no plans feels great !

Now I am off to do some errands and afterwords I'll cook something I haven't cooked before - with a fresh recipe ... 
Sounds pretty great right !?

These beauties are from Won hundred and See by Chloe.