12 September 2014

Karl through times

Karl is always up for a good laugh - I am sure.
Really love these images of him.

Dazed Digital link here - where you can find them all and even a few more. 

11 September 2014

Alexander Wang // H&M // November 6th

This is too wild - I love every bit of this. Alexander Wang is going to kick ass - and I am sure that people will go ballistic on this one. I know I will - or wait I am already ...
I want it all !  Start getting in line people - Alexander Wang co-lab H&M out on November 6th

10 September 2014

& Other Stories // photo bomb // Sara Hildén Bengtsson // freundevonfreunden

This is a simple photo bomb of beauty - I am basically reposting another blog post - just because I couldn't leave it.

My days are soooo long at the moment - I should be sleeping now - because tomorrow will get even more hardcore. But seeing these photos simply made me so happy - we all love & Other Stories - and I guess after seeing these beautiful images and reading the interview with Sara Hilden Bengtsson the Creative Director of the & Other Stories Atelier in Stockholm I think I might love the entire concept even a little bit more.

Sleep tight !

Link to the worlds best "take a sneak peak into people's home and workspaces" blog aka freundevonfreunden here

03 September 2014

Tavi Gevinson: The Like, Role Model, or Whatever

We all love Tavi - if u don't u should !
These photos from Bullett are amazing - I love these outfits.

The way people imitate feeling high or drunk or sexy, and how teenagers fall into that because we’re just grasping for how to act in those new situations. It doesn’t do any good for anyone—it’s just a lot of people pretending to be having a good time and not getting what they really want.

If you want to read the entire interview with Tavi - check out this link. 


02 September 2014

Esra Røise Wedding // Mariell's amazing photos

I guess it is kind of weird to show photos of a wedding from people you don't know.
And yes it is weird and pretty "stalker" like - but I just had too because it is so pretty and genuine.

The Photographer who took these beautiful photos is a photographer / writer and blogger I follow Mariell - a link to her blog - hjartesmil is here. 
And even more photos of the beautiful wedding at Mariell's amazing blog here.

The bride is Esra Røise - a talented illustrator.  Check her things out here. 
The wedding seems so simple, beautiful, and authentic. With focus on the good things in life. I love when people keep things down - earth bound and honest. 

I have written about Esra before - she is so talented and I honestly hope her and her sweet looking husband live happily ever after.

01 September 2014

Drop // Arne Jackobsen // Fritz Hansen

This beauty will be launched very soon. The drop by Arne Jackobsen - sold and manufactured by Fritz Hansen.
I visited the Summer House of Arne Jackobsen a few weeks ago when spending a Thursday with my man at the Trappholt Museum in Kolding - Denmark - and I was really fascinated by his school chair the tongue which was exhibited in the little house. This chair is equally pretty and I might have to save up to one of these. Just look at it - so interesting to see how the original shape of the chair was developed and rediscovered.