18 December 2014

Trillmatic by A$AP Mob feat A$AP Nast and Method Man

How are things going here - pretty crazy stressful everything. Tomorrow is my last day at the office before the holidays - really can't wait - so ready for a few days off. Wil be back stronger in a few days - keep it slow. Really like this track.

Trillmatic by A$AP Mob feat A$AP Nast and Method Man from 6 on Vimeo.

12 December 2014

Iris Apfel // The Chatroom // The Man Repeller

We can't ever get enough of Iris - dear, dear Iris Apfel killing it again !
Have a happy Friday - keep it "bling" out there.

11 December 2014

Bad Hair Day // Daria Werbowy

Since I moved to Hamburg or more since I moved away from Berlin - my hair has had a rough time. Or more my hair cut has been having a rough time. I keep telling them that I don't want to look like a German - having short hair in combination with being a girl means that it has too have a certain sense of femininity + kool'nes = this is a huge dilemma. It is harder than I though - and it is not nice at the moment.

When we are in Berlin we go to Mirko - and let him cut our hair and every time it looks amazing ! If we are in Copenhagen we have had Kaspar who is now in Spain ... and then there is Tina who is in Copenhagen who used to cut my hair back in the days where it always looked amazing !!!
 But who on earth can cut my hair here in Hamburg !?

Anyways if you have an idea let me know - I will let it grow a little now and then I will take these amazing photos of Daria Werbowy with me next time. Because this is beautiful !!! 
Daria Werbowy
Daria Werbowy

Daria Werbowy

10 December 2014

Süper Shop // best shop in the world

In Berlin there is a little shop - very close to perfect.
Süper Shop ! 
When we lived in Berlino we used to visit their small shop - now they have moved and they have a little more space in Dieffenbachkiez. A great area to hang if you are in Berlin.

Süper put a lot of emphasize on selecting products which have great design and good craftsmanship - the selection is sublime and my designer heart wants to buy it all.
Beauty Beauty Beauty - I am telling you. It is a store full of favourites.
They have a great web shop as well. Link here.
Maybe you still need a little Christmas present :)

Here are my four favourites. 

09 December 2014

Kristina Krogh Studio // Christmas Decoration

Christmas Decoration brings the terms "trash" and "ugly shit" to a whole new level - 
people who know me - know how picky I am with what I like and what I dislike.
It has a lot to do with my profession where I have to make up my mind and decide whether or not the design is relevant in the context we are in or not. So it would be weird if I surrounded myself with stuff I didn't approve off - design wise, in my free time.

Christmas Decoration around here, is kept pretty moderate. Some very kitchy bling stuff - I do have a week spot for Robot Tree Ornaments - don't ask why.
And the classic Red and White "Nisse - decorations" have found into our december home too.

If I were to buy some new stuff - this is what I would go for.
Simple, clean and yet so sofisticated - ornaments from Kristina Krogh Studio - find them here.

And If I'd forget to take them down I am not sure anyone would mind.
Absolutely love it.

08 December 2014

Cardamom Moscow Mule

Drinks are fun - especially when they look as nice as they taste.
There are popping up so many nice coctail places around here and there and - I guess you are getting older when going out and enjoying drinks and the atmosphere at the bar is getting as important as the buss that automatically comes with it.

When researching a little on what to eat and drink on Christmas Eve - and of course finding some inspiration for the welcome drink I stumbled upon this great site: Honestly Yum - Link here. the name says it all I guess. Below is a version of the classic Moscow Mule - which I love. But to be honest I might do it with Gin and not Vodka. But just look at the inspiring photos - cocktails for the world.

Have a great Monday !