16 November 2015

A few thought on this weekend -

Most of us I am sure felt a little off this weekend - I woke up on Saturday to the news of Paris and were luckily through facebook quickly able to localize the ones I know and made sure these people were safe. This is not going to be a post on Paris - right now I think people need to figure out for themselves how they feel and what their personal reaction and thoughts on all of this is - I also understand the frustration on why the media is going ballistic on this while not mentioning the conflicts where even more people are killed outside the western world - but fact is - this attack is not only towards Paris and it's population but merely on civilians. And we civilians need to spread more love and treat each other with more respect.

I decided to walk to a cafe nearby - as faith wanted without thinking so much about it I ordered a croissant and a cafe au lait and started to work on a workshop I am giving at my old university in a few weeks. I didn't even open up any of my browser windows and ended up leaving my phone in my bag - trying to focus on other things. I even read the Saturday paper - which mentioned nothing on Paris because it was probably printed before any of this hit the news.

I am on a mission at the moment talking to strangers and showing my surroundings that I am more open minded - and it went well. I spoke with the  sweetest mum's out for a stroll with their toddlers - the day after we had Ramen in Kødbyen at Warpigs - where Mikkeller and some Japanese guys have colaborated on a perfect Ramen for Copenhagen. They will open up a little restaurant / bar where they serve ramen and beer - you should check it out. The Ramen was nice - mild but nice.
We ended up sitting across this sweet Japanese Girl - who has lived in Denmark for around 11 years - so interesting to hear her point on the Ramen and talk about Japan.


13 November 2015

Rose Eken - Artist Talk

The other night I visited an Artist Talk at these amazing workshops - here in Copenhagen.

The talk was about and with the danish artist Rose Eken. It took place in her workspace and was such a great night. She is a super fascinating artist - who takes every day items and molds them in new materials such as bronze and clay. It gives them a naive and almost humorist touch.
We all know I am sucker for populist art - easy and funny.
You really want to touch the art she creates because there is this curiosity hunch about it.

All photos borrowed from Rose Eken's homepage - link here 

Moijn Moijn

I don't think I have mentioned this company before - Moijn Moijn - northern objects. 
So it is about time !

A good friend of mine designs these beautiful lamps - 
and right now there is a great offer on them if you are a member on the Monoqi site - link here. 
I love the words they have put together to describe the lamp: "...their shapes have a decidedly organic bent. It’s a solution-oriented approach to design, but one shaped entirely by creative freedom.."

My favourite is for sure the one in natural leather - I could imagine it just gets prettier and prettier the longer it hangs around. And the light is so warm and cosy.

The lamps have an organic shape and with yet a sleek and elegant design - locally made in Copenhagen in Kristoffer's own workshop. There is a lot of manpower and hard work behind these beauties - he is always talking about these lamps and they fill up pretty much of all his time. We - his friend enjoy the ride and are so proud that the energy is paying off.

They have been a huge success when presented on design markets around Denmark - so I am sure the Monoqi event will pay off - so be quick if you want to get your hands on one. 


All photos are borrowed from Moijn Moijn's website - please check out the website for photo and stylist credits - and of course to get a better look at the pretty lamps. 
Link here. 

12 November 2015


Every now and then you will watch a movie that just kicks you in the stomach.

It will make you stay put in your seat at the movies long after the credits are over.
It will make you laugh loud and even make your eyes leak. This movie will do that to you. I promise.

We have all watched great movies - but this one is one of the greater ones. It is by far the best movie I have watched this year - nothing compares to it. I do not even dare watch it again - in case I loose that feeling it gave me - get lost in my beloved Berlino - fall in love with a boy called Sonne - bite your nails in fear that something will happen to Victoria and disappear in this amazing world - Sebastian Schipper created with his amazing cast in one single take. Do you get that - a complete movie with actors improvising and adding on to the story with their own personal lines. You are with them all the time - this is how personal it gets, 

If you are in Berlin or any other German city  - you have seen it already - otherwise you are a fool.
If you are lucky enough to be in Copenhagen on Monday the 23rd - you can see it at Grand at 18:30 !
Go there - it will amaze you !

08 November 2015

Freunde von Freunden - Juerg Judin

Wow - absolutely wow !

This is such a beautiful space - it must be amazing to live here. 
When my man and me are walking around different neighbourhoods we as I am sure many other do dream and fantasize about living in places we walk by - often these are old hairdressers - and spaces which have been empty for a while so reading this just made me so happy. There is hope - hahahhahahah.

Again I am linking to my all time favourite life style blog - Freunde von Freunden - link here.
Where I found this amazing video - when I was suppose to do work - preparing for a meeting tomorrow.  But am having a hard time focusing on what I should do instead I just browse and look at other stuff ...

I of course also googled this Juerg Judin - to find out more about him and stumbled upon this New York Times article - link here.
Facinating Swiss art collector and I will for sure see if I can find an opportunity to check out this space next time I visit Berlino. 

Have a good week - and enjoy the last bit of your Sunday!  


06 November 2015

5 nice things on a Friday

Keeping this little tradition alive -
with the 5 nice things on a Friday list.

Had a busy week - been designing on the A/W 16 collection - wrapping up the last couple of ideas - will tell you more about it when it's not so secret anymore. 

First up is this amazing clip by SIA with Miharo Takano, a talanted Japanese karate kid.
It reminded me of the tea ceremony I did in Kyoto - Japan. Which I learned was not a tea ceremony but a tea party because we were just common people. But the tradition and feeling of it was amazing to be a part of - even though I felt like Dumbo in a glass house with my tender pink floral kimono and 35 degrees ... 

This amazing Jill Sander - Campaign: Jil Sander / Spring 1996 -
Photographer: Craig McDean Model: Guinevere van Seenus

These amazing Warren Platner Arm Chairs  - distributed by Knoll.
They are so organic yet so tough. I like the fact that he worked with Eero Saarinen for some time before starting his own company - and this time in furniture design fascinates me because I find it pure madness that these chairs are so clearly from the 60's but still so interesting today.

Banksy does New York.
We saw this HBO Documentary yesterday. Copenhagen DOX is going on these days - so plenty of opportunities to see great movies around Copenhagen right now.
We saw it - inside the beautiful setting of the Design Shop Norman Copenhagen in Østerbro - which used to be a cinema but is now a a Design Showroom and Shop for the Copenhagen based Company. It is a documentary on the street artist Banky who took over the streets of New York for a month in  -  such an interesting take on contemporary art and what defines it. SO if you have the chance go see this movie.

I will finish this week off with one of my favourite bloggers - Sandra Bejer. Link to her blog here.
Her blog is one of those I check on a regular basis and I just really like her universe. 
She is very personal and so quirky in a way - she loves food and is very different from myself and the life she leads is very Stockholm so it always reminds me of my friends there I never see but really like and miss :)
LOVE her cupboard from the back - we are getting shelves for our living room at the moment but decided to have open ones so we could see all of our books but it's a pain because it's so dusty and where do you put the stuff that's not pretty enough to show off ... Would love to have a closet at some point in my life both for books and clothes and shoes and files and drawing stuff and what do you do with your fashion graduation project while it is lying around and waiting for taht museum to come along and say hey let's put these beauties on display ?! I would love just a few doors you can close !? What a luxury that would be !