08 July 2014

Voletta // new blog // love // love // love

Let's talk about my new favourite blog !
Voletta - all monochrome - heavy hip hop influences - street wear max - great imagery - I simply love it !!! Check it out here

18 June 2014

John Legend // Made to Love // Daniel Sannwald

I like this clip - it's pretty.
The director - Daniel Sannwald is pretty rad. If you want to read a nice interview with the man beging this video - press link here

John Legend - Made to Love from Daniel Sannwald on Vimeo.

17 June 2014

JULIA NONI // Photographer

The point of this blog is to be a visual diary - a think tank of images and ideas I get along the way.

Mostly just one big virtual scrap book - when I scroll through old entries I find a bunch of stuff I had forgotten about and am happy to see again. Fashion Photography is something that captures my attention quite so often. Julia Noni wan unknown to me - but browsing through her website made me want to design a sportswear collection this minute and I am madly in love with these strong images.

Just take  look for yourself and see more here at her website. 

16 June 2014

Beyoncelogues // If I were a boy // Nina Millins

This is so good - a friends sent me this link and I find it hilarious and fascinating at the same time! Enjoy - and if you like it there are more - check it out here.

15 June 2014

Tavi Gevinson - a never ending facination.

The list on my wall right now consists of:

1. Mum's - mum's I know in general - some of my closest friends are mum's or they really want to be - they are doing something which is so beyond who I am right now and I think what they are doing is so much more than what I am wandering around in at the moment ...
2. Matisse
3. HM Queen Margrethe of Denmark.
4. Beyonce.
5. Tavi Gevison

Read a really nice interview by Tavi here.
Saw this really nice videos below as well.

Olufs Is

I have a new ice cream favourite - Olufs Is - 
it's great news for the people in Copenhagen - or those of you who are visistng sometime this summer. 

Check out there website - I have been following them on Facebook ever since they opened up last year and I am a huge fa of Pop Stickles - so this was just up my alley.  I was not disappointed - it was just as great at I was expecting. Happy Ice Cream Times - Get the pistachio !