20 October 2017

Tokyo and Seoul part.1

In a few weeks we are of to Tokyo and Seoul.

Can't wait, 16 days of pure excitement.
Right now I have 6 travel guides lying on the table next to me. I won't even mention how many open windows in my browser and bookmarks on the computer I have. And let's not even talk about my lists on Instagram and notes on my phone.

I have been looking forward to this trip for so long but right now I can't wrap my head around the planning part. The one part of a trip I enjoy the absolute most. A big cup of tea and biscuits was suppose to help me start - but now, two cups and a 4 biscuits later I am still stuck.

It will be my mans first trip to ASIA - he will be stoked. I am sure he will love the food, the signs, the tall building, the classic colours and crazy loud sounds even more that I do and I am already crazy about all of it. Take things as they come, I hear people say. But how does that work?

Keep your expectations low, my mum always said. Scared I might get disappointed. My last trip to Tokyo is 2 years ago, I absolutely loved every bit of it. I felt completely lost for the first time in my life. Forget about being "New York street smart" and globetrotter my gosh this was the real deal.

What are we doing for sure is have coffee, eat ramen, people watch, shop at MUJI and just take it as it comes.