16 September 2017

Insecure // Issa Rae

Well I might be late - outing myself as a crazy Insecure, Issa Rae, Awkward Black Girl FAN, like crazy can't get my hands down it tickles in my tummy fan.

I am sure you have seen it and I will not even bother saying if not, then please do. Because I don't think anyone can possibly be as late as I am.
Who would have thought that someone just came around the corner and knocked Girls of the throne. One of my favourite series all time, without me even noticing?

Don't get me wrong. I still love Hanna, Jessa, Marni and Shoshanna !!! But Issa Rae is just funny - and well dressed and so freaking tight! It starts with the music, yeah we girls do love Drake because he just gets us and the stylist behind her looks: Ayanna James just completes the strong, mesmerizing personality of Issa and the rest of the crew. They are so strong, yet so vulnerable and filled with flaws. She gave her a Manu Atelier bag. It's cool on top of cool on top of cool. If you like the clothes, read the great interview The Fader did with Ayanna James. It beats me why anyone haven't given us a series that has so strong visuals before? Where you are basically, ready to move there immediately. Because you feel like being part of that crew, calling all your friends bitch from now on.

If you still don't have enough. You might want to read this article with Issa Rae and Jaclyn Johnson.
On the seven reminders every female entrepreneur need right now. Link here.

Below is the editorial done by Hanna Magazine.
Issa Rae was asked to capture her muses. Styled by Wayman and Micah. Hair done by Felicia Leatherwood and photographed by Elton Anderson Jr.

My personal favourite is Missy - what's yours?