17 March 2016

A bigger splash

The other day a friend wrote on facebook around five, anyone fancy movie tickets for a Bigger Splash at six - I instantly replied and it turned into this hilarious thread on facebook where I though out loud: Shit - that's already in an hour and is my man even done at the office and then out of nowhere he jumps into to conversation and says he is just around the corner and can pick them up in in a minute.

So off we were to see A bigger Splash. I had seen the trailer and LOVE Tilda Swinton and hey who doesn't fancy Mathias Schoenaerts. The story is great with complex characters. But what is even more breathtaking is the scenery and costumes. The character Marianne Lane's Raf Simons Dior-designed wardrobe is to die for. The attention for detail in this movie - is just amazing.

Best quote of the movie is: "... the world is not ready for your honesty ..."

I enjoyed myself so much and this little gift life gave us, where we happened to end up in this movie on a Tuesday night was simply a great everyday feature. Life is good.

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