11 March 2016

Toile // Cover

It's great fun when the Danish fashion magazines dare to show some editorials that are a bit more edgy then what we are used to seing.

In this months cover they surely did with this beautiful editorial -Toile.
Toile is the fabric the first tests are done with when you design a garment and also what you call the garment you do the first fittings with.
Such a great comment towards the "all white tendency" we have seen over the past seasons. It closes the circle in a way.

I have a crush on the publisher Marlene Malling and when she comments on this seasons fashion week that it was filled with pretty but unimportant design it makes me clap my hands loudly. The Scandinavian fashion scene is highly commercial and it has been for years. And the commercial view is also what has made it grow so rapidly and created an important player on the fashion fair side.

But if we don't also keep in mind that stories and content is just as important as fast fashion and low price points we won't be competitive in the long run.
Danish Fashion is based on great companies with high creative content and we need to ask ourselves why some of our best designers prefer to show their seasonal shows abroad instead of at the Copenhagen Fashion Week and start to give room for more experimenting and high end fashion on our runways and leave the commercial players hang out at the commercial fairs.

Link to cover magazine here.