21 December 2015

Ramen - Japan #5

 I do not know where to start - this was suppose to be my last Japan entry but it won't be. I still have so much more on my list.
Ramen is nice - soup, in general can be a tad boring but when they are based on stock which has been simmering for ages it's a complete different story. Japanese cuisine is simple yet so rich on flavour. I had my fair shares of Ramen in Tokyo - not all nice but one exceptional. If not actually one of my best meals during this trip or actually in my life.

It is called Kagari - it's in Ginza and it's the Ramen place I searched for on my first day and never found. On my last day in order to close the circle I went here again and hey, I found it. At first it was the line. It was drizzling and I ended up just behind this dentist from Tazmania. We small talked and the 25 min wait went by quickly. It's a meal for a little less than 1000 yen. And it is worth so much more. The soup is smooth as silk, so rich on flavour and so creamy without ever getting too heavy. With seasonal vegetables, the egg with the beautiful colour and it was simple yet divine - if you can say that about a soup. Staff was great. You sit close to the kitchen and can follow what hectic is going on in there, Inside this tiny place. Room for 8 guests tops.  

The dentist and I agreed - best Ramen until now. Ever. Still is. Circle is closed. 

I couldn't find their website - but The Japan Times has written some great stuff on this place - which was what got me interested in the fist place. Link here.