22 December 2015

A list a day keeps the doctor away

Well I will try my best to relax a little and enjoy myself without too much social media coverage over the Christmas holidays. Getting over my "FOMO" ( Fear Of Missing Out). So it will get a little quiet in here over the holidays. I will spend time with my man - go for long walks and read a bunch of books and why not round things off with a little list in here again. Hope you will enjoy some nice peace and quiet surrounded with good people. Without too much pressure and high expectations.

How old are you? 
I am 30 years old - gosh still hate the feel of that. And don't give me that stuff on it just being a silly number - nope still don't feeling it. Saying it out load makes me feel old.

How old do you feel?
25 - probably until I die. Not a day older - loved the look and feel of that number or age or whatever.

Where do you live?
I am back in Copenhagen again.  This time in Vesterbro - we are dreaming of buying our own little place somewhere. When we bike around we fall in love with wide streets, beautiful small shops, pretty people and good coffee places. The sometimes little sleepy and a little "mondain" Copenheaven has welcomed us back with open arms. Vesterbro is growing on us. Sounds stupid - but never thought I would enjoy this neighborhood as much.

What have you done today?
A roadtrip with friends while we listened to R. Kelly's new album but ended up listening to Justin Bieber instead. Singing along and turning into Beliebers. I am telling you - I am 25 not 30. We rode through the McDonalds Drive Through and tonight we watched old school christmas movies. 

Spring, Summer, Autumn, Winter, which do you prefer?
Spring and Autumn. I love that the seasons change - and love how it influences your mood. That first night bike ride when it's warm enough to just wear a denim jacket even though it's late or also the smell of all the wet leaves falling from the trees. That's great.

Are you addicted on anything? 
Control - I am a control freak.

Where in the world would you like to be right now?
Right here. In a warm, safe bed. About to go to sleep.

What is your mood like right now?
Tired but very content. Relaxed.

Favourite candy?
Mandelstang, Fransk Nugat and licorice.

Favourite shop?
Süper - shop in Berlin. Best shop - because they have a sublime selection of interiour, accessorizes and toys. So much design value and I am always surprised by something I did not know. Great respect for local products. Link here.

Are you more an evening or a morning person? 
I am not very god at getting up early but I like quiet mornings. Where I have the time to have breakfast and a simple coffee. Where I seize the day in my own pace.

Have you ever had stitches?
Yes - after a bike crash. On my back head - they even had to shave of and create a bold spot -great when you have short hair.

Has anyone done something special for you lately?
My man bought me a new pair of shaping jeans. H&M makes the freaking best jeans ever - you get a Queen B boothie and they stay amazing forever. He said I had worked my but off - so I needed a new pair of jeans to look swag in the new year. A really nice gesture because I was so surprised. 

Are you shy?
No - not really. Insecure sometimes, yes.

Do you have a second name?
Nope - but an extra last name - an extra family name. I have both my mum and my dads. Pretty common in Norway.

Do you want to get married?
Yes - but no white dress, no church - no social codes, no ceremony and silly old fashion rules. I would like to do it our way. Simply to be able to create a kick ass love bash of the century where we gather all our friends and family and dance and eat all night long o Lionel Richie's - dancing on the ceiling.

Do you have a nickname?
Gummihue - rubber head. My dad called me that when I was a kid. Karamellen - Caramel. My Aunt still calls me that. I appreciate both.