27 December 2015

Ordrupgaard // Copenhagen

Let's not forget Copenhagen completely.

I know we are doing a Tokyo // Japan recap but I do think this place needs a little show of ! And a small break won't hurt us. Every since we came back to this pretty city called CopenHEAVEN I have gone on discovery - sometimes with my man every now and then on my own.
This time we went together, biked all the way out to Ordrupgaard. It took a little over 30 minutes from where we live - in autumn' ish weather, through pretty threes and beautiful, very big houses. I  love dreaming myself away biking through areas with gardens, roses bushes, flagpoles, wide streets and embassys.

One of the reasons why we had both never been at this museum must be that they mainly showcase impressionists like Pissaro, Monet, Gauguin. None of us are fans. I do not want to step on any toes here and yes of course I got the goosebumps when seeing the lilies at the MOMA in New York but hey - I am by no means a huge French Impressionism fan. Other periods excite me more.

But this time around they were showing Matisse and the Eskimo's. We saw the most amazing Matisse exhibition at Tate in London some time ago, must be over a year. We were both completely blown away. We went from fans to huge gigantic swept of our feet Matisse fans. So we didn't have big expectations but the really narrow angel from which this exhibition was curated - turned out to be a great experience. We even attended a tour - if you always skip this part. Do yourself a favour and join the "retired people's walk about". I love it. So many times I have ended up having a quirky art student or lovely old lady who have just given me a totally new perspective and surprised me along the way. 

The great thing about this museum is - wait where to start since there are a few perks.
Well, first the bike ride all the way out there ! And the garden, some beautiful very easy and accessible mirror pieces by Jeppe Hein. Architecture wise it's a master piece. Modern Zaha Hadid meets Finn Juhl meets traditional Danish Art. Love it.

We of course also visited Finn Juhls house. The interiour is breathtaking. The Colours and the lines. So well designed - designed to function. Designed for living - the furniture is so well integrated in the rooms and the amazing art collection just puts a great frame around everything.

Take a trip out here - it's so worth it.