12 November 2015


Every now and then you will watch a movie that just kicks you in the stomach.

It will make you stay put in your seat at the movies long after the credits are over.
It will make you laugh loud and even make your eyes leak. This movie will do that to you. I promise.

We have all watched great movies - but this one is one of the greater ones. It is by far the best movie I have watched this year - nothing compares to it. I do not even dare watch it again - in case I loose that feeling it gave me - get lost in my beloved Berlino - fall in love with a boy called Sonne - bite your nails in fear that something will happen to Victoria and disappear in this amazing world - Sebastian Schipper created with his amazing cast in one single take. Do you get that - a complete movie with actors improvising and adding on to the story with their own personal lines. You are with them all the time - this is how personal it gets, 

If you are in Berlin or any other German city  - you have seen it already - otherwise you are a fool.
If you are lucky enough to be in Copenhagen on Monday the 23rd - you can see it at Grand at 18:30 !
Go there - it will amaze you !