13 November 2015

Moijn Moijn

I don't think I have mentioned this company before - Moijn Moijn - northern objects. 
So it is about time !

A good friend of mine designs these beautiful lamps - 
and right now there is a great offer on them if you are a member on the Monoqi site - link here. 
I love the words they have put together to describe the lamp: "...their shapes have a decidedly organic bent. It’s a solution-oriented approach to design, but one shaped entirely by creative freedom.."

My favourite is for sure the one in natural leather - I could imagine it just gets prettier and prettier the longer it hangs around. And the light is so warm and cosy.

The lamps have an organic shape and with yet a sleek and elegant design - locally made in Copenhagen in Kristoffer's own workshop. There is a lot of manpower and hard work behind these beauties - he is always talking about these lamps and they fill up pretty much of all his time. We - his friend enjoy the ride and are so proud that the energy is paying off.

They have been a huge success when presented on design markets around Denmark - so I am sure the Monoqi event will pay off - so be quick if you want to get your hands on one. 


All photos are borrowed from Moijn Moijn's website - please check out the website for photo and stylist credits - and of course to get a better look at the pretty lamps. 
Link here.