08 November 2015

Freunde von Freunden - Juerg Judin

Wow - absolutely wow !

This is such a beautiful space - it must be amazing to live here. 
When my man and me are walking around different neighbourhoods we as I am sure many other do dream and fantasize about living in places we walk by - often these are old hairdressers - and spaces which have been empty for a while so reading this just made me so happy. There is hope - hahahhahahah.

Again I am linking to my all time favourite life style blog - Freunde von Freunden - link here.
Where I found this amazing video - when I was suppose to do work - preparing for a meeting tomorrow.  But am having a hard time focusing on what I should do instead I just browse and look at other stuff ...

I of course also googled this Juerg Judin - to find out more about him and stumbled upon this New York Times article - link here.
Facinating Swiss art collector and I will for sure see if I can find an opportunity to check out this space next time I visit Berlino. 

Have a good week - and enjoy the last bit of your Sunday!