30 October 2015

Justin Bieber - SORRY !

For all you haters out there -
had an interesting conversation with one of my friends yesterday that since Justin Bieber when you think of it is pretty hot - might not be a surprise for soe of you but being stuck in my Jay Z is the hottest man out there ( except from my man) I never really git the Bieber thing - but he seams to have grown up over the past years.

Especially since the first thing that come to my mind when I think of Justin Bieber is that poor monkey that was left by him somewhere during a tour a few years ago in customs and never picked up...

But anyways we could both agree on that his figure had quite some sex appeal after all.
Therefore I loved waking up to the headlines today - that he during a concert last night in my hometown Oslo left the stage during his show because he got angry about something ... I love a good diva - so I found this hilarious.

So this clip is pretty suitable - so from me - or Justin to all his fans - SORRY :)
Have a great Friday - I will get back to work and do laundry at the same time - being a mean "multi tasker" on a regular Friday !