27 October 2015

What I learned in Japan !

While I was in Japan I started this list on my phone - "what have I learned in Japan"
I found it the other day. It is kind of funny - though I would share it with you. 

What have I learned in Japan:

#1 walk right - stand left
#2 old people very often looks like Moffen (my norwegian grandfather)
#3 wrapping is the meaning of everything
#4 no trash bins anywhere - bring your trash home
#5 yakitori means chicken not men's only or Japanese only
#6 Japanese stand in line for quality anytime and anywhere
#7 if you give your shop a German name it symbolizes quality, no need for the German word to have a meaning according to your business - "sehr schön' or 'Meister' works everytime
#8 be polite to the max - ALWAYS
#9 if you feel cold at the art museum you are offered a blanket
#10 Japanese toilet seats have heating - and sound and water splashing and basically do everything themselves
#11 Japanes toilet booths have children seats so they can bring their baby inside when they need to go to the loo
#12 everything is wrapped - plastic bags are taped sealed after you have payed for your purchase.
#13 People are not afraid of leaving their bag at the table when they go up to the till and order.
#14 fried food is the shit - apparently
#15 you could survive forever inside a Japanese 7/11 - there is nothing they do not offer

I will start doing a few posts on Japan in here - feeling like re exploring that trip a little. 

I have been listening to this song on repeat all day today - love the video and can't get enough of this song ! Naughty Boy with Runnin' (Lose It All) feat. Beyoncé.