06 October 2015

Happy Friday !

Tomorrow we are moving into our new place. 
Can you imagine - we have lived in Copenhagen for about 2 months and our friends have let us stay in their guestroom / kids room for 2 months ?! We have amazing people around us and we owe them big time. On Sunday evening I am looking so much forward to lying in my bed just being. 

There are so many boxes and stuff to unpack and since we sold and gave away almost all our shelves in Hamburg before we left the unpacking scenario feels like a nightmare. 
We have cleaned the apartment for 2 days but it is shining and feels livable now - it has taken a great deal of muscle power and cleaning stuff from Germany. Don't know but that stuff seems to work magic. 

Even though I will enjoy moving into our own place I have really enjoyed spending time with our friends - but for now I can't wait to be done with the move.