16 September 2015

District Tonkin // Copenhagen

District Tonkin is a Vietnamese place - I had heard that they served Bahn Mi with a proper amount of cilantro. They have two places in Copenhagen - I decided to check out the one on Gamle Kongevej which is their concept store where they also sell both furniture and kitchen stuff. Nice atmosphere - electric cables hanging down from the roof and authentic asian props here and there.  In Berlin we used to eat Bahn Mi every now and then and I prefer it with tofu. I think it's a great twist on a classic sandwich !

This one was good - the bread was nice and crispy. It could have had some more and maybe not quite so dry tofu but the spiciness and the amount of cilantro made up for what the tofu couldn't offer.

And mind me I just came back from Japan - where I have had what they call silk tofu which is to die for. I will for sure head back and it's a great lunch place. Check out the link below - for homepage with opening hours and address.