09 October 2015

5 nice things on a Friday

Well hello there -

I am a little in the dark regarding how I will continue things with this blog - and I am not quite sure how I want it to be yet so bear over with me for a while here while we stumble around a little.
For now I think I will keep things like they are but start to structure a few things - as for structuring today we will start a new tradition with 5 nice things on a Friday :) Completely out of the blue and simply 5 things I saw this week which I liked - found funny or simply wanted to share.
If you feel like it let me know what you think. 

Here we go:

These trays / shelves kick ass - they look amazing and I really want one for Christmas. They are from a Stockholm Brand called NAVET. Great shape and so different from what I have seen around before. And of course so suitable for the "stilleben with a few plants or a little cactus" trend thing going on at the moment.

Since we have almost lived in our apartment for 1 week now - things are slowly starting to look like a proper home around here but it will take a little time. Lets just say - giving away and selling all our shelves when we moved away from Hamburg seamed like a great idea at the time but right now I have like 22 boxes of books I have nowhere to put.
People are telling me - that it is so nice and simple to just have piles of books on the floor - but well not liking that idea so much when it come to the amount of books my man and I have been dragging around Europe for the past few years. Well so I  started to dream about this Dieter Rahms shelve again. Produced and distributed by Vitsoe and costing a fortune it will not be doable right now but hey a girls can dream. And yes I know there are a lot of cheaper options both from IKEA and Elfa. But for now I am dreaming of this one. Universal 606 Shelving System ...

We are having friends over for dinner and I am making this soup !
And I am baking bread - like all the way from the bottom no bake mix no nothing - oh the perks of having so much time on your hands. I better enjoy it while it lasts.
Receipe from Green Kitchen stories and it is always hard to decide because it all looks so yummy but when they wrote: ..." This is also a great recipe if you are on a budget..." I was sold !!!

New Fashion Statement Piece that I saw people wearing in Japan and really like in combination with a 90' ies light blue denim jacket are pins. Saw a really nicely curated selection from various shops here at Miss Moss. The pineapple is great but especially in combination with add more spice ! Love it.

Then last but not least Paul McCartney doing a remix of Say Say Say by Michael. 
A little song to make you happy - have a nice friday.