01 January 2014

2014 - what to do ...

Dear 2014 -

I hereby declare the year 2013 officially done - sometimes you have been a drag, you have even treated me pretty bad but then again you have been exciting - made me laugh, taught me some tough lessons about myself and made me appreciate what I have even more.

I will kick your ass - and make you mine 2014.

// Here is my very first to do list for 2014 //

1. Invite people over for dinner more often
2. Buy a new chair for our kitchen table
3. Make an effort to improve my French, my man has just showed me an app I will download for my phone. Seems like a realistic trial - French duo lingo here we go.
4. See my grandparents
5. Go to Istanbul with my man and see our friends
6. Check out Savoy Movie Theater in Hamburg
7. Read more books
8. Continue to search for and maybe even invest in a sofa
9. Stockholm - book a weekend trip to see someone special
10. Attend a Cooking Class or at least a cooking night.
11.Visit London - go on a vacation with my man to see friend and explore secret spots
12. Take the train to Sylt, spend a day or two like we were a retired couple
13. Go to some of Hamburgs Art & design Museums
14. Drink more champagne