05 January 2014

Gorilla Grill // Hamburg

Friday Evening we decided to go out for dinner - Friday night always means me being knocked out and often simply not feeling like doing anything. The train ride home too often kills my spirit. 
But I have decided that this belongs to the past so when I got home at quarter to eight we spontaneously called Gorilla Grill in Eppendorf and booked a table for 21.00 o'clock the same night. I am happy we called them because it looked like we got one of the last tables for the night - it was pretty packed when we got there and it was my first time. My man had been here before for lunch and he said it was the best burger in town so I had already made up my mind but when we got there the rest of the menu looked pretty decent too. 

I still decided for the burger after having seen it being served a few tables to our right and my man took the pulled pork burger and honestly it was pretty darn amazing the whole bunch of it, the fries looked boring but where perfect, crunchy one the outside, soft on the inside and burning hot. The homemade ketchup - it wasn't a lot but it tasted like a homemade spicy tomato explosion, and the beef was grilled - crusty and smoky on the outside and perfectly medium done on the inside. My only thing to put my finger on is that I had to eat it with knife and fork because otherwise it fell apart. But honestly that is the only thing.  -  the best burger I have had in Hamburg until now. 

It was such a nice place - great food, really nice staff and we also had some nice drinks. Next time I am for sure trying their big bowl of Moules with Frites, this looked great as well. 

The colours and the atmosphere of this place were also really nice, it was absolutely not minimal and northern but felt grown up, masculine and even a little daring. They have a huge "Stilleben" on one of the walls with a beautiful wall paper, paired with a huge photograph which set the colour tones and a whole bunch of other things. It was surreal and gave the entire room a sense of calmness and we dived into an entirely different place for a few hours. I am a huge fan of places which are trying a bit harder and for me it seamed like this place did and my over excitement might have something do to that I haven't seen too much of this in Hamburg by now - and I am extremely picky what I like and what not - but I am looking forward of seeing even more amazing kick ass places in Hamburg in the months to come. 

All Photos borrowed form Gorilla Grill's homepage
Thank you for a great night and see you soon.