29 December 2013

Megeve - because she makes me look amazing !

Every now and then you have to do a few things which are completely off, not to grown up and maybe even a bit unreasonable. 
Buying this jacket on SALE at Sandro was one of those. Find it here

We had such a good time in Munich - over a week of days with family, really good food and nice weather and even some sightseeing. It's so much fun exploring Munich with my man - driving the tram here and there - checking off all the stuff I have on my "have to do next time we are in Munich  to do list" on my phone. We got to see some good stuff this time. 

On our last day we decided to see if there where some good sale bargains - we had to get. None of us like shopping - but I know my way around Munich quite well so we very effectively got through our route. This little baby went home with us along with an amazing cable wool sweater from COS. Hope you were as lucky as we were. 
Happy Sunday :)