23 October 2013

Günter Grass // Facebook is shit

Every now and then people ask me what they have to do and see when they are visiting Copenhagen. One of my top places is not even in Copenhagen it is to be honest in Humlebæk - and is the Museum of Modern Art: Louisiana. It is the entire trip which makes it worth while. It takes about a day, and the train ride, the walk from the station, the stroll in the sculpture park and the highly prices but great lunch which you must have - makes it just so much worth the trip.

Oh - and by the way the collection of modern art is stunning too.
They also host talks - where they invite great artist, authors, musicians, thinkers and people to talk. I never got my head around to go there but Yoko Ono spoke there no too long ago, which I wished I had been too and here is a great clip from when Günter Grass spoke.

It made me think - I do not completely agree, well he is as he says himself as old as a dinosaur. I must admit I am social media addicted and I wouldn't want to live without my blog, facebook or instagram. They have an important part in my social life but at the same time - I love libraries and books and late night dinners with family and friends. It is all in the combination.