24 October 2013

I am on holiday - what to do with all this free time

#1. Buy Flowers. Ranuculus all week long.
#2. Cook great meals.
#3. Bake a cake or maybe three.
#4. Read my new book: Linn Ullmann - in Norwegian: Et velsignet Barn / A blessed Child - great, great book.
#5. Read my old book: Grace which I found during the move, can't wait!
#6. Explore and visits IKEA heaven.
#7. Do boring paperwork stuff - did some today, check. Still some more to go.
#8. Watch stupid TV.
#9. Unpack millions of boxes - only 4 more to go ... And now piles everywhere.
#10. Buy a dresser and make the already pretty looking bedroom look even nicer.
#11. Explore Hamburg together with happy man and sweet sweet friend.
#12. Go to the movies.
#13. Find a new coffee place - a shitty one is ok too.
#14. Make lists.
#15. Have long breakfasts with my man and when he leaves for work go back to bed.
#16. Enjoy Fall - my favourite season in the year.
#17. Buy christmas presents or at least plan some of them.
#18. Buy a birthday present / and wrap it like it's a disco present.

Photo found here.