01 September 2013

COVER system

Some of you might have heard the news - we are moving to Hamburg in a few months. 
I am excited and a little bit worried we won't find a new apartment in time. 
So do share if you have any good ideas. 

It is not that I think Hamburg is more difficult apartment hunting wise than some of the other cities we have been in and searched before, but it just feels so new and to be frank I really do not know Hamburg at all. Which makes me even more excited. 

But now that we will have a new home again soon - and this time hopefully for some time I can not wait to make it ours again and can't help myself - when I find pretty stuff to think that we should get one of these. But I am so picky and often can't make up my mind for ages - but this thing I really like. And don't worry you can even get it in black - which is more suitable for the minimalistic theme we are into I guess. 

Found it at SELEKKT