02 September 2013

Pauly Saal // again and again and again

Being a Birthday Girl at this side of the world is pretty darn awesome I am telling you. 
At least when you have a man like mine - Lucky me with a big fat L ! 

We had an unforgettable lunch - a crazy food adventure at Pauly Saal at my birthday - the lovely crew made us a 4 courses surprise menu based on amazing things from the sea - and topped it of with a berry heaven and a to die for chocolate cake. 

No honestly, without making it sound like hopeless bragging. Pauly Saal is amongst the best places I have been. The entire package is sublime: the food is superb, you just have the feeling that the kitchen wants to use simple produce, less is for sure more. The Interiour inside is beautiful as well. We had been here before - we had the entire meat tour while we sat inside a great evening a few months ago -  which was equally amazing. 

This time I had the honor of making a wish and I said fish and It was too much but it was such nicely balanced courses with plenty of variety and great taste explosions. We sat outside in their lovely court yard - a very down to earth atmosphere - we followed the staffs suggestions regarding the wine a French Diel de Diel simply because we couldn't make up our minds. To top if off - we were given a tour through the kitchen where we saw all the local produce jarred up, the bread and the smoking oven which made this day even more intriguing - thank you for the meal - Thomas, Michael and Maxi (+ the rest of the team)