31 August 2013

Lamuri // Berlin I sure will miss your pretty face.

The first few days of the holidays we spent at home in Berlino - it was supposed to be a couple of days with few plans but ended up being pretty filled up with new places, old places, good food, nice people and some typical Berlino moments - all in all a great start.

I really like this city but at the same time it feels like it is time to say goodbye and try something new - even though I must admit that I have enjoyed every minute of living this cliché. Creative minds, just working on a projects, sipping coffee, meeting up with friends who are living the same simple life - in very short time we have gotten to know some really good friends, who for sure and hopefully will stay in our lives for many years even though we have decided to leave. In a way because most people you meet in Berlin are "on the go" - either they just came or they are soon leaving again. They are mostly in the middle of something and they just want to enjoy the moment - so open minded towards meeting new people and just hanging out - I might be wrong but this energy is hard to find anywhere else, at least in such a wide extent.

One of the plans I had during these days, was meeting up with Karen Sofie - who I "know" because I have been following her blog for quite some time. She has a very nice way of capturing the small things in life both in photos but also in small quirky texts. We have followed each other on Instagram as well and since we were both in the same city - why not meet ?! I am so glad we did - because it was a great couple of hours and we tried out a new place we both had read about on Sandra Juto's blog. called Lamuri. A great new place - you can see even more nice photos here at Karen Sofie's blog. It has been decorated with such a great love for detail - starting with the tiles on the floor - to the cakes in the counter. Everything authentic italian with lots of flavour and smells. Great place - great food and for sure a place I will have to return too.