31 August 2013

Dyvig Badehotel - Nordborg - Denmark

I have just spent a little over a week in a summerhouse - on Kegnæs - it is in Denmark in Jutland. Far away from everything it feels like. My man and me - not much talking - just being.
I think that has been what we have needed - we are both really tired - a week has been far but enough but hey it's better than nothing and we had some really nice days. Monday it is back to work and busy times to come.

We decided to drive to this place called Dyvig Badehotel one day while we were here - we had lunch there and it was a really nice place.
We sat for hours at just by the sea with coffee and papers. I felt like having a big party with a bunch of people there.  It is quite newly renovated and built and is made with such great eye for detail - if only the shrimps had been fresh and not from the can but hey you can't have it all - I guess. If you want to read more - check out their website.