24 June 2013

Das Amt // Bremen

Das Amt - until now Bremens best coffee. I being the coffee snob I am - have completely given up on finding a proper flat white or a decent pour over coffee in this city. I have invested in an Aeropress and a Bialetti Foamer and make my own coffee these days. But I fell over this place today and I must say - this guy serves a good little cappuccino not to bitter and with nice milk foam. It is a great place with so much love put into the details - Das Amt means the Office and the interieur is exactly this - an office. The Opening hours are not quite as worker friendly in the summer time - but I am for sure coming back here anyway.

Worth a visit for sure and I am quite sure it will become one of my regular spots. It is real nice that the place is in the middle of everything but hidden away in an office building - then up the stairs you go and then suddenly you are in this room filled with old heavy office desks, stamps and typewriters and lots of regulars hanging out - talking and drinking coffee. I have walked passed many times completely unknowing of what was up there - a few floors above me.
Their croissants were to kill for as well and the guy running this place was fun talking to - a true Bremen Spirit !

Find out more at their website - Das Amt.