25 June 2013

Marianne // Bremen

The next place to go in Bremen is: Marianne.
Their Slogan is: "Marianne, give me a piece of cake." The stickers are all around town and the girls behind the consept has great tast and flair for small details.
This is where the hipsters in Bremen hang out - it is great for people watching not to feminien and the place is so nicely decorated. Just see the photos I shoot below.

They have to die for cake and fresh waffles, they do vegan and lactose intolerant stuff as well and to be honest their scrambled egg can cure any hang over. I like this place a lot - it is a little off the hectic streets of the Area Viertel, the staff is a little slow and mostly stressed and I keep thinking how stressed can you get when you have like 10 tables and you are three girls behind the counter ? - But hey that is probably just me being a snob again.

As I said the food and atmosphere is great - their coffee not so, but get a fresh mint tea they are delicious. One of my favourite places here - and on a regular basis it saves my saturday.

This place has no Website - so here comes a few details:

Location: Berliner Strasse 22 - the corner of Berliner and Bremer Strasse / 28203 Bremen
Opening Hours: Tuesday - Saturday 10.00 - 18.30