23 June 2013

Medoo // Bremen

Well Bremen - or "The Breeeaaams" as we like to call it around here - sure has a thing or two up it's sleeve and since I have made it my top priority to figure out all the kool things about this place the next couple of posts make up a little list of nice places to hang out - here in Bremen aka "The Breeeaaams" !

First up is Medoo, this is a simple but very good french bistro - their huge portions will kill you but the food is divine. Great food, shocking low prices taking the size of the portions into consideration - but more importantly, this is a really, really nice place. Love to hang here with friends on the weekends or just a spontaneous dinner during the week. It is so nice with authentic places like this - it is just so honest.

Especially their daily menu is crazy - so many options, it is almost to much. I will always joke around saying that if a place has too many dishes on the meny, plastic chairs outside and offers a meny in more than two languages - stay away. Well there are no plastic chairs or multi language menues with bright flags so I guess this is ok.

I couldn't find a homepage - so here comes a few details:

Location: Friesen Strasse 103 / 28203 Bremen
Opening Hours: Everyday 12.00 - 02.00 / Kitchen: Sunday - Thursday: 12.000 - 14.00 and Friday and Saturday: 12.00 - 01.00.