14 May 2013

Look at me, who am I supposed to be, who am I supposed to be?

This is how I look at the moment - my new years resolution is paying off. I was not allowed to buy anything black anymore. I haven't kept my promise 100%, but for those of you who know me   I have done darn well. I am not a shopper, which is a pretty hard statement to make when being a fashion designer. 

I do not buy clothes that often because I am pretty picky and get so fed up with clothes through my work. When I buy something - I must really want it, mostly when I am uncertain I walk away and think about it for a while. This has taken years and years of practice and still does not always work. I am passionate about fashion - so the story and concept behind the things interest me - and I am a high street girl to the bone combined with a few second hand pieces here and there.

Like with this tiger t-shirt from zara's japanese inspired collection - I walked away but just couldn't forget it. Then suddenly from out of the blue it was there again - grabbed it and love it too bits. I almost never return anything - when I buy something I have made a decision and I stick with it. Even if somethings break - I made an exception with the grey shoes though, they fell apart so fast and the store ended up turning them in for fixing twice - I don't think we will ever be quite friends. 

I am trying to wear a few of my own designs every now and then as well - but mostly end up with the pre samples - liking the though that they are still unfinished in a way.