15 May 2013

Gutes Blatt / NEON / May 2013

Just another photo series that I happen love. The photographer is the "I rest in myself and continuously do the koolest things": Maria Ziegelböck / Homepage. The styling is done by: Verena Roidl and it was published in the May Issue of NEON / Homepage

I have taken the photos with my iphone on the train so they get a blurry touch which I happen to like - buy the magazine to see the original though. I flipped through the pages - on my way from Bremen to Berlin. I mostly just sleep on the train - but that day I was so eager and excited I just couldn't relax. So when I got of the train in Hamburg, to swap trains - I had about 14 minutes to spare. Enough to buy a kick ass Mozzarella and Tomato Sandwich and a magazine to kill some time. 

The styling and the light - love it - simple as that.