08 November 2012


I like to refer to this blog as an inspirational diary. I basically share with you what I find interesting and inspiring. These Kiosk Drawings from Jordy Van Den Nieuwendijk are again something my man happened to show me -  I guess we are starting to build up a pattern here, but we do share many of the same interest so I guess thats the simple explanation why every once in a while things that comes from that direction ends up here. 

My man was so lucky to see this guy in action at a Graphic Design Festival and book fair by The Joy of Graphic Design in Hamburg. These drawings are hand drawn in one go - and now some of you might say and? But then I say - then you go ahead and try it! They are just so accurate and I love the idea with this Kiosk - such a perfect place to represent drawing and graphic work that is so happy, simple, naive and so very, very clear. Some might feel that there are some references to Keith Haring or Roy Lichtenstein which I guess there is but then again not at all. 

Please check out more of his stuff here - it is so much more diverse than what I have picked out - I simply picked out my favourite concept.