07 November 2012

Korean Vogue - Issue November 2012 - Urban Renewal

I very rarely buy Vogue - and when I do it is in a desperate moment lost at the airport, I love magazines but the paper issue of Vogue almost always disappoints me. Too many commercials and too much text ... But when looking back at this blog quite a few blog entries consists of editorials from just exactly Vogue often the German issue, every now and then the Russian and today the Korean. I admire the institution Vogue and what is stands for, I am in awe of their power and influence in the Fashion World and I must admit that I am a frequent visitor of their German and American Website which I enjoy browsing through and reading what catches my interest. 

This is beautiful - and I just had to share. 

Magazine: Vogue Korea 
Issue: November 2012
Cover Model: Carolyn Murphy from IMG Models
Hair: David Von Cannon
Makeup: Virginia Young
Stylist: Ye Young Kim
Photographer: Cass Bird