09 November 2012

Engelberg - Berlin

If you are in Berlin - and you are in the mood for typical German food, Fränkisch - maybe even a little over in the direction Bavarian style food, simply move yourself over to Engelberg.

It's a great place to have breakfast or lunch when you are in the Prenzlauer Berg Area - or maybe when hanging out at the Flea Market at Mauerpark on sundays. I tried their dish of the day and that made me a happy and very full little lady. I really enjoyed the very subtle but nice and rustic interior, the guy behind this place has put a lot of love into every little detail and you feel at "home" instantly after walking through the door.

I find this area quite difficult, because of the huge amount of tourist who spend time here, weird and overpriced places have established themselves ever though they are pretty rad, but Oderbergerstrasse surprisingly has many interesting shops and quite a few of the cafes and restaurants are pretty good as well, and this one in particular - so pay them a visit!

Want to know what is on their menu and opening hours - click here
And if you happen to think that their little webpage is pretty cheeky - and you want one of those yourself, do not hesitate to contact this guy here.