10 November 2012


Wouldn't mind a bit - just having one of these beautiful pieces of furniture in our little home. 
Even though we cherish to call ourselves designer most of our furniture is from the IKEA, which in my opinion is nothing to be embarrassed about I grew up with it and I love IKEA - and I also love our furniture from there even from a design perspective. We mix it up with stuff from Flea markets and old things from our parents. In our case my man's - family has very good taste and have given us a few thrifted chairs we love to bits. But one can dream of spending a smaller fortune on a little coloured shelf with an integrated chair from Muller Van Severen, the belgian design duo probably a at least a little inspired by De Stijl movement - the Dutch equivalent of Bauhaus. 

The artist express it very well by saying: "As to form or proportion we do not add anything; the rich marble or the vibrant colours of the synthetic material create a contrast with the tight form. The image of minimalism is worn out. This furniture battles with minimalism and uses it at the same time. Details have been left out, everything has been reduced to the most simple technological solution and still the result is very rich in ornamentation.”