19 September 2012

Brooklyn Beef Club, Berlin

I am going to do another restaurant critic here - well it is my blog after all and even though I am just a simple food loving designer and by no means equipped to do so I have had the pleasure of eating out a little and do feel obliged to share.

Brooklyn Beef Club is run by the same guys running the Schmidts Deli and The Dude a design hotel here in Berlin.
I had no expectations others than my man had wished for steak and my stepdad has said ok, we can make that happen.

And we did - I have a vague memory of a wagyu steak at WD50 in New York I once had and afterwords titled the best steak ever, But what we were served at the Brooklyn Beef Club just knocked that of the pedestal.

We had the best sirloin steak with thin, crispy fries, grilled fennel, caramalized celery, hash browns and bèarnaise sauce. What more can a girls aks for? Well we did top it off with crazy Austrian redwine and of course what is a New York meal without an apple crumble and a New York cheesecake for dessert ? It was so good - words are just not enough. 

The food was sublime, the service was to good for this world, especially the lady telling my mum and me off for not having taken down our napkins! If you ever have the chance do go - especially if someone takes you. Because I am not even going to dream of going there anytime soon again - at least not before having saved up for some time. 

I have borrowed the photos at their homepage here