19 September 2012

A happy tuseday in Berlin

Well - Even though I have officially lived in Berlin with my man since the beginning of july I still don't feel that we are living here for real. There are many reasons for that, my tricky job situation is the biggest I guess. Us not having had our stuff might also be one, but now that our things are here and we even put up some pretty stuff on the walls I feel that we are getting there.

What ever happens we will keep this little appartment and I will have fun exploring Berlin's many sides more and this Tuesday I decided to do so.

Had breakfast at home, looking at a pretty and sunny sky, then biked of to C/O Berlin to see the Exhibitions Zeitlos Schön on Conde Nast and their influence on fashion Photography and Jörg Sasse Common Places. Both exhibitions worth a visit if you are in town.

Afterwords I had a pastrami sandwhich at Motz & Melzer. Been wanting to go for ages but have heard mostly pretty bad critics on the place but decided to see for myself. Ever since I read this interview I was like - this place sounds interesting. The waitress had a very bad day she practically yelled at the customers but I find things like that rather amuzing so I enjoyed that. The interiour is great - soothing my scandinavian style - chairs by the finnish designer Ilmari Tapiovaara and Danish Lamps.

The Pastrami Sandwhich was okey - too greasy for my taste and nothing like what I have had in New York but the bread and the coleslaw was really good and I am sure if I had brought my man he would have enjoyed it bigtime. I am thinking I am just not getting it? Next time I will try their ceasar salad, because it is certainly worth another visit.

The day ended in Prenzlauer Berg where I basicaly haven't been at all after we moved here. There are too many Danes and Swedes it freaks me out and there are kids EVERYWHERE.
But on an afternoon like Tuesday it felt good. Had a coffee at Goodshot the last coffee place on my list of true coffee lover spots.

It was okey, nothing more and nothing less.