19 September 2012

Munch's hus in Berlin

My mum has mentioned this restaurant in every conversation we have had for the last 6 months.
So when they came to visit my stepdad reserved a table and we had such an amazing night with really good Norwegian food.

We are true Norwegians by heart - I prefer to mix it with a solid dose of Danish, German, a bit of French and New Yorker as well, I choose to be a citizen of the world and it suits me just fine but there is nothing that beats the fact that I have a Norwegian passport and when I am offered a propper Norwegian meal I get sentimental.

When we lived in New York we had a pre Christmas Dinner at a Scandinavian ( Swedish) restaurant called Smørgås. Pretty amazing and surreal at the same time but so worth it.
This experience at the Norwegian restaurant Munch's hus in Berlin was surreal as well. They advertise with the slogan the only Norwegian restaurant in Germany, which might as well be true. The food was really good - we ate typical Norwegian cheese, sausages and a really good fish soup for starter, fish for main, karamelpudding and thin pancakes for dessert.

The dessert was the weakest point of them all - maybe because these traditions are extremely regional and every family has their own way of doing it? Maybe also because we are not a dessert nation? But what the dessert was missing the main course most certainly fullfilled to the max. They serve very, very good Norwegian fish and for prices that are more than fair.

I would love to show you some photos of the place but it is shear ugly. In my oppinion the interiour has nothing to do with Norwegian Style or Design so I am not going to bother in fear of scaring you from going there. The Munch theme is easy - so of course there are Munch's picture on the walls which I think is a nice feature.

The staff is so german it's almost funny - but very friendly and helpfull. We were a drag - spending hours deciding for what to have, talking too loud and feeling we owned the place but the staff were super professional. But German - and wouldn't that have been a perfect little detail if at least a few of them were a tad bit Norwegian/Scandinavian after all there are just so many of us here in Berlin.

I feel very strongly about Norwegian culture and maybe I am harsh because I am so well aware of the fact that Norwegians lack the ability to communicate themselves and their culture in a propper way. It amazes me, because both the Swedes and Danes are simply so good at it. And I am a Designer which can be annoying at times - I notice the stupid details other miss.

This restaurant has so much potential - it is amazing food for prices us Norwegians can only dream of and I will come again and tell others to go and just shut my eyes and ignore the interiour! By the way the Norwegian chef Kenneth Gjerrud is also in charge of the restaurant at the Nordic Embassies where the surroundings are more than amazing so that might be worth trying as well.

Read more about how to get there and the meny - here