09 May 2016

10 happy thougths on a Monday.

#1. Prolog - new coffee place in Kødbyen Copenhagen. Best Coffee in town - over and out. Best service and high end third wave coffee love nerd factor as well - what is there not to LOVE !?

#2. Kostrok - Right Now, the remix by Yuksek. I listen way too little to Ed Bangers. This blew me away and I heard it on repeat like 4 times. 

#3. I stumbled across the song from above because I found this trailer - a french movie Le Combattans. Watching random trailers must be my most useless hobby. But when I find movies I love it just makes so much sense in a way.

#4. The fact that I have been working on the Duo Lingo App - almost every day for a month. My french is improving ! C'est bon !

#5. The bikeride from work at nightime. Through this kick ass pretty Copenheaven City. Architecture love bigtime.

 #6. Eating egg in the morning. Like can it get any prettier !? LOVE the colour combination.

#7. All of our things are packed up and moved into a warehouse - the move went smooth. The final big move in a few months. Into our own crib has slowly begun. The next few months we are living as nomads - hanging out with sweet people. It's a long process but until now it feels good. 

#8. The weather at the moment is the bomb. Sunny Side up all day long. Need to hop into the sea - sometime soon for my first dip ! 

#9. My next weekend is completely off - only filled with niceness ! Barbecue, brunch and bubbles, celebrating sweet birthdays and eating cake. Giving away presents and meeting up with sweet people from Hamburg !!! 

#10. I had a meeting today where I was taken seriously and told that it looked like I has my shit together. That it's my life and I should focus on the things that made me happy and felt right for me. 
Don't feel pressured to take on things that I don't feel committed too and remember that I am a designer in everything I do. 

The seeds you plant today - defines your future crop. Make sure it's a good one. 

Have a great Monday - keep up the good work.