09 April 2016

Bulletjournal // OCD Orgasm

A favourite blog of mine is the fantastic Norwegian blogger Mariell - Hjartesmil. Link here. She is currently living in London but will be moving back to Norway shortly and she also has a love for lists. So when she wrote about "Bulletjournal" I was hooked.  Link here.

If you love  making to do lists - this is right down your alley.
I make lists almost every morning - where I can tick of all the tasks I need to manage. If I have a hard time geting started I write down trivial things like "eat breakfast" / "take a shower" / "get dressed" then I can start with the simple tasks that do not require brain surgery to manage. It gets me going and I need this both privately but also in my proffesional everyday to manage my tasks.

Some more inspiration is from Kara Layne - Link here.  
All photos are humbly borrowed from there. I though I had a decent handwriting but nope - nothing compared to this !  

My lists are not quite so photogenic as these ones - but boy did I get motivated to work on my list qualities. I just managed almost all of my tasks for today - emails, job applications and ironing ...
Now it's time for tea and homemade bread. Turning into to quite a housewife over here.
Happy Saturday everyone out there.