29 March 2016

Easter List 2016

Three things you dislike?
1. Impoliteness and rudeness makes me really angry 
2. Vacuuming
3. Negative and moaning people
Where you good at school?
Most people assume I was. I have always been really hard working but there were plenty of subjects I really struggled in. No matter how hard I worked on them. The Bavarian school system almost broke me - I can hardly remember those last years most probably because I was heavily stressed out and miserable in school. Things got a lot better when I decided to move back to Norway and finish High School there. Suddenly all the hard work payed off and the emphasize was on completely different attributes which were much more suitable for me. And the teachers were on a completely different level - expecting a whole lot of you but always on your side and never talking down to you. The pressure I remember feeling in Munich was not good at all and is the complete opposite from the joy I felt when I went to school in Oslo.

What stresses you out? 
Not being in control. When things I don't expect happen, surprises both good and bad ones are difficult for me to handle. Because my expectations are always massive. When things are not done systematically or people are lazy and sloppy. Systems which are badly designed and people who cheat in line.

Three things you love? 
1. My man - it's the first thing that comes to my mind. So I guess it's serious business
2. Ice cream. I do love creamy ice cream - sorbet not so much
3. Turkish pestemal towels
4. Donuts
5. Swimming in the sea
6. Oktoberfest  - well I could go on and on. Three things are just too little

How do you think other people think of you?
Most people think I am positive, open minded and quite energetic. When they get to know me they see the insecurity that is behind a lot of that loud laughter and energetic happiness. Others think I am bossy and I am. But they think I am a fighter and that I am loyal hopefully as well. My star sign is Leo which means I take care of my pack. I hope people thing that I am a good and caring friend.

What is your opinion of yourself? 
I wish I was less eager for things to be perfect all the time. Take things more as they come.
Listen more to my body and not panic about things I can't change. Embrace the situation.
In a professional context - I kick ass when things get hectic. There is nothing I can't solve. I am a pretty good leader because I honestly believe that a good team is mostly the key to success.
And I am warm - a great host with a lowing and open home and I can tear up most dance floors if I feel like it.

A situation you think is disturbing / embarrassing.  
Quarreling with my man in front of friends - can't cope with close friends or family taking part in that. It's so personal.

What did you laught about lately? 
A friends story about her grandmother.

Something you have thought about a lot lately. 
Our lack of home situation, the economic responsibility when buying property, the perks of having a stable job, mood swings, forcing myself to see the good in every situation - not working well all the time - obviously.

Three things you are scared of. 
1. Falling out of love
2. Parachute jumping
3. Racism

A profession you thing you would be bad at.
Kindergarten teacher and Cabdriver. Yikes.

A profession you thing you would be really good at. 
Restaurant owner - I would love running my own restaurant.

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