01 December 2014

Kaibosh // Karen Segall

Kaibosh is a Norwegian Brand who makes pretty wacked glasses. 
Check out their website here. 
They look  absolutely amazing and I love them - they have a great branding and through their website they like to put some focus on interesting and talented people through their "looks" - amongst others they present: Karen Segall a dead talented illustrator / artist based in Copenhagen - her quirky universe is so feminine - a bit dark and yet so diverse and I always tend to fall for her colorful ans playful universe. 
Love to get an insight into her work and love the little interview. 

A little sneak peak: 

Where do you get inspiration from?
- I mostly get inspired from an emotional disturbance or frustration - the place where my inner ghosts frighten me - and then I need to get rid of these frustrations in some sort of way. Visual inspiration, to express the ghosts within, often comes from old circus pictures or different cultures (often african or far east asia) and indians. I like the human interest which is often filled with contrast, colour, and details and layers made up of masks, clothes and beliefs

Read the complete interview here.