02 December 2014

25 things I want to do // tuesday list

25 things I want to do someday ...

  1. travel to Japan
  2. kiss more with my man
  3. go on a hot air balloon trip 
  4. book a spontaneous trip to Copenhagen next weekend
  5. drink red wine 
  6. go to San Fransisco and eat loads of amazing food with my man
  7. buy posters at etsy - the font ones below are from etsy I simply don't remember from where ...
  8. wrap the rest of this years Christmas presents 
  9. invest in property 
  10. invite my entire family for lunch - I mean the whole bunch of them  
  11. spend an entire week in Greece - on an island eating fish, swimming and enjoying life
  12. cuddle with a horse 
  13. buy a shelve for our living room 
  14. walk my dog 
  15. bake bread 
  16. learn so much more about coffee
  17. let go more
  18. see an elephant real life
  19. watch the series girls all night
  20. own a car
  21. go on a whale watch safari 
  22. wake up in Bergen 
  23. speak French properly
  24. learn how to control my temper
  25. love more