10 August 2014

Rediscovering Green Kitchen Stories.

I am a foodie - love going out for food - love eating - love reading about food - love exploring new places - love coffee - love german wine - love discussing about food - love cooking and love - love - love eating !

This blog green kitchen stories was a big favourite of mine and then what so often happens I forgot all about it. Then Friday night while I was trying to fully understand that I had promised my man that we were doing nothing - nothing at all this weekend - no plans - no - nothing I started to browse the internet for some new recipes. What is better when doing nothing than to cook ?! 

These two were what I decided on - and honestly this blog is fab. It is simple and so tasty ! And mostly even a little bit healthy. The Photographs alone let your mouth water so the motivation is already completed before even getting started.

The photos -  I borrowed from this brilliant blog and please do try them both - both the cake and teh salad were yummy !

Link for recipe.

Link for recipe.