11 August 2014

Pitti Oumo // June 2014

Have I mentioned that I love traveling ? - and that my job makes that possible.
At least to a somewhat extent.

A big part of my job is traveling to fairs checking out what is going on in the wicked world of fashion - what tendencies are we following, which colours will be relevant, what print themes are out there - what to wear and how to wear it next season.

 I went to Pitti Oumo in Florence for the first time this year.  I am working with womens-wear so I always though of this fair not being quite so relevant for me - but of all the fairs I have been this must have been the most fun one - to "people watch".

Amazingly many pretty,  handsome and fashionable men and women.
I was writing a report for work this weekend - so much for doing absolutely nothing ... 
But I cam across these great photos of people from the fair.

All photos borrowed from Pitti Oumo's official website