13 June 2014

Pixie - hello memory lane.

We have just spent a weekend in Copenhagen again - this time to see a bunch of friends and celebrate a sweet couple and their happy happy marriage. Simply amazing to see so many friends all at once just being so happy and celebrating something so precious.

We had a few hours to spare and the weather was so good to us - we were hung over and hungry so we decided to head out to our old hood - Østerbro. We hadn't been here since we moved 2 years ago. Hello good old memory lane and nostalgic feelings.
Pixie used to be the place to eat - when you didn't feel like cooking. Our flat is just above and it was the smallest shoe box - and we loved it. But one of the reasons why we loved it were the two little places just below. In the summer time - it's always packed and it's like an Italian Piazza or Parisian local square.

Pixie has some really good food - my man went for a burger - the fries are the best and I went for the simple chicken salad - no fuss just simple and easy. Just the way I like it.
Missing Copenhagen a lot these days ... 

Check out their website - for more info