27 May 2014

Copenhagen Bike Lights

What feels like ages ago - about a year and a half ago to be precise - I supported a kick starter project by the very talented guys and girls from Copenhagen Bike Parts // Goodmorning Technology.

The project were - at least the way I see it - the production of a pair of very pretty, simple, functional bike lights - no fuss just good design. Just the way I like it.
They only blink after the magnet and the bikes has been connected - two simple pieces - that's all there is - one for the front and one for the rear end of the bike. They look real nice ! 

In the meanwhile - I have been waiting for these forever - I have gotten one bike stolen & one bike crashed - and am now the proud owner of a grown up bike with a dynamo light so I basically don't need these anymore ... I also live in Germany by now - where these lights are only legal if they don't blink - these do.  But still getting this little parcel felt like Christmas - a bit of a bummer that the test batteries were really awful so I need to get some new batteries before using these babies.

If you feel it - read more about Copenhagen Bike Parts - Link here.