26 May 2014

Books that makes you happy

The books I have read lately - standing on my shelf and making me happy. I try to read books in all the languages I speak in order to keep them fresh - but I especially like to read in the Scandinavian Languages - because don't do that so often.

The Danish Author - Martin Kongstad has written a kick ass novel: Fryser jeg  - please do read it if you can read Danish and feel connected with Copenhagen ! The Swedish book by Sandra Bejer - Det handlar om dig was such a flash back to teenager youth that I read it within hours and I laughed, cried and felt embarrassed - so great !!!

Traveling back and forth to Bremen from Hamburg every week day - gives me a few hours more to read in the train - I guess that is a great advantage - and for sure I am reading more now than before. Starting the Grace A Memoir in a few days - can't wait !!!