19 April 2014

Terrasse Dreams and other happy thoughts

Terrasse Dreams and other happy thoughts is the headline of this little moodboard.

We are spending the Easter holidays off in the country side at my man's family - simply lying on the couch, watching telly, reading books & blogs and just being. I am dead tired - but in a calm way pretty happy at the same time.

I need to relax, drink amazing liquorice tea, eat strawberry cake and sip to some wine. We thoughts wander off to the terrasse we will want to make more cosy - we have a terrasse for the first time and there is room for a table and some chairs - it's not huge but more than enough for us. And the other day our parents in law got us a barbeque. So I am looking at flowers and pillows and dreaming of a table and a few chairs and a bunch of friends hanging out on a warm summer night !